Wedding package costs and prices

Marry me!

Your Wedding Ceremony


  • You’ll have access to my personally written wedding kit, which outlines all of the components of a wedding ceremony so that you’re well aware of the elements we’ll cover in our meetings. It will help you come fully prepared to piece your ceremony together.
  • We’ll meet in person, or via video call typically 3-4 months prior to your wedding day. This meeting is really designed for me to get to know the two of you, we will discuss exactly what is most important to you on your wedding day, who you would like to include and the tone you would like to set. We will also discuss any ideas you may have, and I can offer some suggestions around ways we can make your ceremony uniquely you.
  • I will write your wedding ceremony tailored specifically to you. We’ll work together to capture your unique personalities in your personalised script.
  • You will have access to my personally written vow writing resource to assist you in writing the perfect vows.
  • You will have unlimited phone & email correspondence throughout the process. You’re always welcome to ask me all the wedding planning questions your heart desires!
  • I’ll conduct your wedding ceremony at your venue, I use a top-of-the-line Bose PA system which has Bluetooth & wireless microphone.
  • I will coordinate and guide you through your ceremony in a way that optimises key photo opportunities for your photographer to capture.
  • I have an extensive, fashion forward wardrobe with pieces selected by Australian designers that work with all colour palettes & dress codes. My favourites are by Aje, Shona Joy, Sheike, Witchery, Cue, Bec & Bridge & Zimmerman.
  • I will have your vows printed onto vow cards and will have these ready for you to read from during your ceremony.
    • Use of a designer Swarovski pen for your signing.
  • I’ll supply, complete and lodge all the legally required documents with BDM and once I have registered your marriage with BDM, I will in addition lodge your application for the official marriage certificate be ordered on your behalf.

    If you’re interested in an Elopement or Intimate style wedding, they are also available when booking on a short lead time, or an early week date. Just get in touch!


Entertain me!

Your Wedding Reception Master of Ceremonies


This is one of those jobs that can be a wonderful honour for one of your guests to fulfill, however it can also be very daunting! In the case that you wish for all of your guests to simply relax and enjoy the festivities of your wedding reception without the added pressure of being the host throughout the night, I’ve got your back. Everyone can just relax, kick up their heels, and have that extra wine (or five!)

I will coordinate & address key parts of the reception, such as welcoming guests, coordinating and welcoming the bridal party as they enter reception, covering housekeeping announcements in an amusing and fun way with a range of jokes and one liners up my sleeve to get the crowd engaged. Introducing speakers, announcing cake cutting & first dance, and of course getting everyone up and dancing when it’s time to hit the D-Floor!

There can also be a lot of moving parts to a wedding reception, it’s not just about the talking that happens over the mic but it’s also handy to have someone who can communicate effectively with the hospitality team. We want to ensure the evening goes as seamlessly as possible, that mains are called away with the kitchen at the right time so that you don’t have food going cold on the pass while a speech is wrapping up, or even possibly having to reshuffle a few of the speeches in the case of unforeseen circumstances – such as the father of the bride getting a little caught up in the moment with his speech running over by 20 minutes because although he promised he would keep it to 5 minutes, he just had so much to say of his adoring family!

I come with 15 years’ experience working in weddings, hospitality, and events! So let’s chat about how we can make your day go as seamlessly as possible, from celebrant in the afternoon to party starter in the evening for your wedding reception!


Questions about your wedding? Let’s chat.