wedding celebrant process and procedures

My Celebrant Process & Procedures


I will ask you a few questions with respect to the date, time and location of your wedding in order to confirm my availability and will address any immediate questions that you may have for me. We will also arrange a time for a meet and greet.


This is an opportunity for us to get to know one another. We’ll have a chat, you can tell me all about your love story, and all the other things that make your world go around!

I will also ask you to bring along some documentation to confirm your identity, including:

  1. An original: Birth Certificate, or an official extract of an entry in an official register (*preferable if born in Australia), or an Australian or overseas Passport, showing your date and place of birth.
  2. If providing a Birth Certificate, a driver’s licence or a Passport with photo ID.
  3. Evidence of any name changes (if applicable).
  4. Evidence of any divorce or death of a former spouse (if applicable).

I will fully explain all the legal documentation, including the Notice of Intended Marriage form (‘the NOIM’). I will also explain the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage (‘the Declaration’). It is important to know that the NOIM can not be completed more than 18 months prior to the wedding and no later than one month before the date. Usually the Declaration is signed closer to your wedding ceremony date (for example, this can be done at a rehearsal approx. 1-2 weeks before your ceremony).

I will advise you on the availability of relationship education services that are available to you. Whilst this is not compulsory to you getting married, it is recommended. There are various courses available to help you develop and maintain strong and healthy relationships. I will provide you with a brochure titled ‘Happily Ever…Before and After’ which contains Important Information for couples planning to marry.

We can discuss my fees including how to make your deposit and final payment, as well as discussing my refund policy.

If you’re happy to engage my services and an agreement has been reached, I will ask you to sign a Service Agreement and Statement of Fees. I will have you sign your NOIM also in the case that your wedding date falls within the 18-month timeframe.


In terms of time, I anticipate spending around 20-25 hours working on your ceremony, which includes email communications, telephone calls, meetings, script writing, ceremony document preparation, rehearsal, managing and performing your ceremony, lodging documentation with BDM & registering your marriage.

I will reach out to you around 4 months prior to your ceremony in order to schedule your ‘Final details meeting’ ideally for around 3 months prior. We will discuss your priorities for your wedding day and the tone you hope to set as well as going over the components you would like to include, and discuss options of way’s we can make your ceremony your own. I will then go away and write a first draft base script which I will then forward to you with your customised couples’ questionnaire. The couple’s questionnaire is your opportunity to fill me in on all the little stories and details of your relationship so far, and what you mean to one another. I recommend you complete & forward these to me separately so that all of the little details you tell me about one another will be a surprise on the day. This helps keep your ceremony more candid, as hearing your final script for the first time in the moment tends really create ‘all the feels’. It is of course optional to keep the final script a surprise, alternatively this can be a working document that you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and/or amend any details you wish to change until we have your script fine-tuned to perfection!


Typically, we hold this at your ceremony venue within a week of your wedding day. A rehearsal is a great opportunity for us to have a final briefing before your big day, calm any nerves and leave you feeling confident and excited for your wedding ceremony! I recommend that you bring along your bridal party and anyone else included in the ceremony if you would like to.

This is also the perfect time to sign the declaration (I’ll have this ready for you). Please note that rehearsals are strictly subject to availability.


The big day is finally here! I will ensure I arrive at your wedding location at least 40 minutes prior to your ceremony in order to set up and make sure everything for is in order. I will dress appropriately for the occasion, I’ll even check the colours of your floral design and bridesmaids’ dresses to ensure I don’t clash!

I will deliver a professional, but relaxed and personalised ceremony that is, memorable and most of all, uniquely you!

Questions about your wedding? Let’s chat.

Selecting the right wedding celebrant for your day is key - I’m always happy to meet or chat on the phone to ensure this is the best decision for you.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat and get a feel for my process, feel free to get in touch with me below!